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Daily Flood Bulletin

FMISC, Bihar, Patna issues Daily Flood Information Bulletin during monsoon season generally from 15th June to 15th October.

High Flood Situation

Orange bulletin issued by Central Water Commission Flood Forecast Monitoring Directorate, Central Flood Control Room.

Inundation Map

These maps show areal extent of flood water spread. The inundation extent is derived from RADARSAT Layers/Imagery provided by NRSC.

Barrage Status Report

Daily Barrage status report at 10:AM / 2:PM of Valmikinagar Barrage on river Gandak and Birpur Barrage on river Kosi and Barahkshetra.


About Us

A Flood Management Improvement Support Centre (FMISC) has been created under the overall supervision of Chief Engineer (CE),Planning and Monitoring, in Water Resources Department (WRD), GoB, Bihar to develop and operate the Flood Management Information System (FMIS) with technical assistance from the World Bank. Presently FMISC is headed by a Superintended Engineer (Joint Director) and 13 Assistant Engineers (Assistant Director) under its roof. As interim support, eight contract professional staff (One Flood Management Specialist-cum-Project Advisor, one Hydrologist, Embankment Specialist, one GIS Specialist, one Database Specialist, one Web Master one System Manager, and one Remote Sensing/GIS Assistant are positioned to provide Specialist support to FMISC. The contract staff are funded under DFID Grant. Advisor, Hydrologist, Embankment Specialist, GIS Specialist, Database Specialist, Web Master and System Manager and two nos. (Remote Sensing/GIS Assistant) are positioned to provide Specialist support to FMISC. The contract staff are funded under DFID Grant.


About US

FMISC, in addition to FMIS Phase 2 implementation programme, has also been assigned to take up implementation of Bihar Kosi Flood Recovery Project under Bihar Aapda Punarniwas Evam Punarnirman Society (BAPEPS). This society is under the administrative control of the State Planning and Development Department and have a Project Management Unit (PMU) responsible for the implementation of the Project. Component C of the project (BKFRP) is for WRD under which “Strengthening Flood Management Capacity” focusing on flood forecasting, flood erosion management and limited structural measures in Kosi basin” is being monitored by FMISC. The objective of this component is to strengthen the overall flood forecasting and flood and sediment management capacity in Bihar by enhancing knowledge, understanding, and capacity of flood and sediment management. This may be achieved by implementing both structural and non-structural measures.

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