The Government of India has received credits from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the "Bihar Kosi Flood Recovery Project" (BKFRP) and "Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project™ (BKBDP) after the devastating impact of flood due to breach in the Eastern Afflux Bund of Kosi River in 2008. Government of Bihar (GoB) has constituted a society known as "Bihar Aapda Punarwas Evam Punarnirman Society" (BAPEPS) under the Societies Registration Act 1860 as a separate legal entity to implement these projects. Water Resources Department (WRD), Govt. of Bihar is the implementing agency for implementing one of the components of this project, "Strengthening Flood Management Capacity". Kosi Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (Kosi-FFEWS) is one of the important projects amongst them which is being implemented by the consultant, AECOM India Private Limited.

Kosi-FFEWS has been developed with the aim of creating a system for providing flood forecast in the Kosi River and its three tributaries with a lead time of at least 72 hours based on a suite of validated mathematical models.

Currently, Kosi-FFEWS provides experimental forecast for water level and discharge at seventeen sites on Kosi River and its three tributaries (Kamla Balan, Bhutahi Balan and Khando (Tiljuga)) with 72 hours of lead time and using Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts from Numerical Weather Prediction models. Kosi-FFEWS remains operation during Monsoon season (mid-June to mid-October).