As per Entry 17 of the Constitution of India, the flood control and management is being organized by the respective state governments through resources from state revenue and union assistances. The river management, flood control, anti-erosion, drainage development, flood proofing, restoration and planning of additional flood management works like embankments along river line, construction of revetments spurs/studs etc. are being management by the Water Resources Department of Government of Bihar in various river basins.

The flood management operation involves multi state and central agencies with regard to various input data, preparation of schemes, alerts and techno-economical approval and administrative decision making. Though all the information is mostly available in different forms and locations, the same are being done with repeated efforts involving man power and other resources. All the information and data will be integrated in a GIS based single platform. The Embankment Asset Management System (EAMS) would support flood management functions including maintenance and strengthening of existing embankment, anti-erosion works and flood fighting works etc. It would also assist in developing further flood management measures which may include planning of additional new flood control structures. The development of community participation for embankment surveillance and to update embankment safety information in the EAMS will be piloted.

The flood problem in Bihar especially North Bihar has unique characteristics. Bihar's vulnerability to floods is due to its very flat topography just downstream of the Himalayas, intense monsoonal rains (more than 2,500mm/yr in the upstream areas and about 1,200 mm/yr in the State, 80% during the months of June-September), high sediment loads, high population density (880 per km2), low-socio-economic development, inadequate water infrastructure to regulate flows (e.g. storage upstream in Nepal or designated detention areas. There is severe erosion, spilling and drainage congestion. Another peculiar feature of the rivers of north Bihar is that all of them (except the Burhi Gandak) originate in hills of Nepal and their catchment areas mostly lie in Nepal. The same is the case of Bagmati and Adhwara Group of Rivers.

In Phase II of the World Bank-Government of Bihar Partnership project envisaged to prioritize the improvement of the institutional capacity for delivering better flood management and drainage services, as a key action for accelerating agriculture productivity in North Bihar. The development of the EAMS aims to provide a decision support tool to Water Resources Department and its offices at Flood Management Improvement Support Centre, Field originations at Muzaffarpur and Samastipur and Flood Monitoring Cell and Disaster Management Authority that will allow its users to manage existing assets along embankments and provide information collected from the field that will be integrated with the existing information. Whether it relates to map based or geospatial information or field based data collection, both will supplement and provide information to users so that they are able to carry out flood management functions including maintenance and strengthening of existing embankment, anti-erosion works and flood fighting works etc.

The unique selling point (USP) of EAMS is to:

  • Reduce redundancies and integrate varied data sources;
  • Provide a comprehensive tool to manage available embankment assets, improve flood management and plan new embankment strategies;
  • Define norms, methodologies and protocols for EAMS sustainability.

   1. FMISC , 2nd floor , Jal Sansadhan Bhawan , Anisabad ,Patna
      Email - fmiscbihar@gmail.com, fmisc_bihar@yahoo.co.in, fmisc.pat-bih@gov.in
      PHONE - 0612-2256999

   2. C.E.OFFICE , Muzaffarpur
      Email - chiefengineerwrdmuz@gmail.com
      PHONE - 0621-2242367

   3. C.E.OFFICE , Samastipur
      Email - reports.cewrdsp@gmail.com
      PHONE - 06274-222141

   4. District-Sitamarhi,Block-Sursand,Panchayat-Kararwana ,Adhwara Embankment(8.5 to 14 km)
      Contact person- Mr.Vijay(9973566575)

   5. District-Sitamarhi,Block-Sursand,Panchayat-Madhuban Basaha Purbi ,Adhwara Embankment(17 to 20 km)
      Contact person- Md. Maslehuddin(9572526743)

   6. District-Sitamarhi,Block-Bajpatti,Panchayat-BarriPhulwaria ,Adhwara Embankment(12 to 16 km)
      Contact person- Mr.Kamel Ahmed(9470806183)

   7. District-Sitamarhi,Block-Bajpatti,Panchayat-Bajpatti ,Adhwara Embankment(20 to 23 km)
      Contact person- Md.Asaruddin Ansari(9430081510)

   8. District-Sitamarhi,Block-Pupri,Panchayat-Akbarpur North ,Adhwara Embankment(25 to 27 km)
      Contact person- Ms. Maheru Yasmin(9431400053)

   9. District-Muzaffarpur,Block-Aurai,Panchayat-Janar Jeevajor Benipur,Baghmati Embankment(61 to 65 km)
      Contact person- Mahendra Sahni(9955782468), Santu (9525973599), Saket Kumar (9473264803)

   10. District-Muzaffarpur,Block-Aurai,Panchayat-Maheshwara ,Baghmati Embankment(72 to 76 km)
      Contact person-Lal Babu Rai(8873809785), Jawahar Rai(9525525708)

   11. District-Muzaffarpur,Block-Aurai,Panchayat-Atrar ,Baghmati Embankment
      Contact person-Mohd.Ajmal(9801705495)


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